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My name is Mike Wiacek. I’m an entrepreneur, a software engineer, and early pioneer into the Threat Intelligence and Big Data security spaces. I believe that a small change in perspective can unlock entirely new opportunities. I believe that applying thought processes and insights from working on truly big data systems, we can disrupt giants and bring about unrealized potential. Learning about a businesses’ unique problems and then applying this type of mindset to them, is my personal happy place. Want to change the world? Let’s talk.


Chronicle LLC is an Alphabet (other bet) company that focuses exclusively on enterprise cybersecurity challenges. Our flagship product is Backstory, a planet scale data analysis platform, that can search petabytes of security data in just milliseconds.

I co-founded Chronicle with Shapor Naghibzadeh, and together we have taken the company from an initial idea to product acceptance by companies of all sizes, from SMBs to Fortune 10 enterprises. Together, we have worked at all levels of the organization, from engineering, to go to market, to legal, to recruiting.

Our mission is to Give Good the Advantage, and we’re just getting started.

Google - Threat Analysis Group

In early 2010, I recognized the need for a Threat Intelligence capability to augment Google’s already impressive security resources. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first Threat Intelligence team outside of government or a dedicated security company.

We designed and built systems that defined the space of Threat Intelligence for Google and other companies. Within this role, I lead Google’s acquisition of Zynamics and VirusTotal.

I represented Google’s security interests in forums as diverse as of our own executive leadership up to national policy makers including the White House.

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