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From wood working to software


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Shaker Furniture

I’m a software guy. I’ve spent thousands of hours writing code, debugging it, and analyzing algorithms. But that’s what I do, it’s not why I do it. Personally, I like to solve hard problems. The world in which we live is anything but problem free, so you could say it’s a target rich environment. I also like to learn about new things and I firmly believe that a small change in perspective, coupled with experience in diverse areas, can lead you to unexpected yet…


Personal experiences in leadership...


5 minute read

When Shapor and I sat down, and we started thinking about what would become Chronicle, I must admit that my mind was focused on potential products and technological problems that I wanted to solve. Now while it’s important to do that, I never really expected how impactful and vital non engineering skills would be on the journey to where we are today.

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